Welp, that sure escalated quickly. Fresh from the floors of CES 2019, there sits a live prototype of a Sharp 8K video camera which seems to officially signal the beginning of a new 8K prosumer arms race…

We’ve known 8K was coming for sometime, with camera rumors swirling with news of a Sony 8K full frame sensor and Panasonic dropping reported specs on a high-end 8K experimental “organic” sensor. Even today Canon - not one to be left in the dust again - has even teased a new 8K version of their mirrorless EOS R.

However, this looks to be the closest working prototype to a small, handheld, prosumer level 8K video camera. Here’s the first up-close look and the few rumored specs below.

The Sharp 8K Camera

As mentioned in the video, everything at this point is unconfirmed. But promises of an official unveiling at NAB 2019 are not long round the corner.

  • 8K Resolution (7680 × 4320)

  • 8K at least 30fps (possibly 60fps)

  • H.265 Compression

  • UHS-II SD Cards

  • Micro Four Thirds Sensor

  • 5” Flip Out Screen

  • Full-Size HDMI

  • USB-C

  • Mini XLR Port

And now for the kicker. Sharp is teasing a reported price of under $5,000.

And while this price, if it stands true would would make it a much more viable option than the high-end 8K cinema cameras currently on the market, it also would balloon against the tightly refined full frame 4K market which is hovering around the $2,000 price point or below.

Needless to say, along with all the other 8K news and rumors flying around CES and into NAB 2019, we’ll keep an eye out for news on how this new Sharp 8K camera develops.