Fresh off camera rumors reported earlier this morning of a new “high resolution Canon EOS R” (which you can read more about here), rumors of even more impressive new sensors by Sony have also started to break. First reported by Sony Alpha Rumors these new sensors are coming from a “100% correct” source and that not one, but two new full frame sensors will be announced by Sony shortly.

But what does 8K video actually mean for filmmakers? Here's a more in-depth write up exploring this exciting news here!

New Full Frame Sony Sensor

Sony Rumor Specs

While the majority of the coverage for these new sensors will the 16-bit recording capabilities, this is also big news for film and video professionals. But obviously more so for the allure of 8K recording. Here are the reported full stats for each of the new sensors.

Sensor 1:


16 channels







Sensor 2:




on-chip PDAF

What This Means for Filmmakers

Regardless of when these rumors can be confirmed and eventually announced by Sony, this is big news for filmmakers and the digital video industry. As we’ve reported on before here on No Film School, 8K is rumored to be coming to the next Canon C300 and has already been shot in space, but it could mean that 2019’s digital camera landscape will be shaped by this next high resolution tier.

Stay tuned as we’ll have more updates, and eventually a more in-depth look at these new sensors, and what they could mean for the next line of Sony video cameras in 2019.