In what is a “world’s first” for wireless video transmission technology, Teradek and SmallHD have teamed up to release new firmware updates which will allow for lens data overlays to be transmitted via a CTRL.1 Single Axis Lens Controller to your SmallHD monitor of choice.

The data overlays will reportedly include focal distance, iris, zoom, and other data which you will be able to adjust remotely from the controller. For those looking to pull focus while keeping an eye on your shot, this is a huge breakthrough.

Wireless Lens Data Overlays

Teradek SmallHD

Teradek, which recently acquired wireless chip maker Amimon, has helped SmallHD push its real-time monitoring products to new heights and capabilities. The firmware update will be compatible with the following SmallHD monitors:

Along with the cost of the CTRL.1 ($1,500), the lens mapping and SmallHD overlay integration will require an additional payment of $999.