In what might be one of the best trailers of all time, Joaquin Phoenix’s performance in Todd Phillips’ The Joker looks to be an absolute smasher. (And yes, I’ll say “trailer” instead of “teaser” because it’s over 2 minutes long and it’s a trailer.)

While The Joker looks to be nine parts out of 10 a straight homage to Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver, we now have an alternate lens to view the trailer through: that of acclaimed director Paul Thomas Anderson and juxtaposed against his brooding Joaquin Phoenix classic The Master.

And as if you thought it possible, the results of adding Jonny Greenwood’s soundtrack and Phoenix’s Freddie Quell performance together with the already dark and disturbing images from The Joker creates one of the most truly psychologically disturbing mashup videos ever. See for yourself.

The Master Joker

And while we’ve seen some pretty great mashups in the past (like David Lynch and La La Land, Adventure Time and Mad Max, and Goodfellas and Ray Liotta’s Chantix commercial), this one - created by video artist Nelson Carvajal -  might be one of the most on-the-nose combinations in terms of creating a fully symbiotic trailer that would be wonderfully terrifying to see filled out.

For reference, here is the full trailer for The Joker.

And the original trailer for P.T. Anderson’s The Master.

Source: Nelson Carvajal