Tiffen Steadimate-S Adds Freedom and Functionality to Single-Handed Motorized Stabilizers

Meet the handy and functional Steadimate-S.

Seth Emmons at the Tiffen booth shows us how to get the most out of your single-handed motorized stabilizers like the DJI Ronin-S, with the handy Tiffen Steadimate-S which adds new layers of function and movement. 

The Steadimate-S will be available in two weight classes.

The Steadimate-S 15 System comes with an A-15 Arm & Aero Vest for 15 lbs of weight capacity, while the Steadimate-S 30 System comes with the A-30 Arm & Zephyr Vest and offers 30 lbs of capacity.

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He said 995 for arm, vest and this attachment - that must be wrong. The Steadimate 15 system costs 1695 - and that has a much simpler attachment system, it`s probably the price only for the 15 pounds "arm to ronin adaptor"...

April 8, 2019 at 11:09PM