Black Friday Deals: Wooden Camera Discounts and Free Shipping (U.S.) on Orders over $500

Wooden Camera Black Friday
Wooden Camera is offering 25% off select categories and some free shipping incentives for their Black Friday filmmaking deals.

Gearing up for your Black Friday online shopping? There’s a lot to consider this year (here’s a pretty solid discount from Adobe on their Creative Cloud suite). Let’s take a look at some helpful discounts being offered by Wooden Camera on some of their select categories and accessories - plus a nice free shipping caveat on orders over $500!

Wooden Camera Black Friday Discounts

Wooden Camera Deals

Whether you’ve recently made a new camera investment or are looking to upgrade your buildout, Wooden Camera has made quite a reputation for their camera cages (and more recently their popular universal follow focus - which you can read more about here). So if you were looking to invest, now would be a great time to get a good deal.

You can check out all the discounts here, but let’s check out a few highlights.

Universal Follow Focus

  • Base: $938 (regular: $1,250)

  • Pro: $1,496 (regular: $1,995)

Director’s Monitor Cage v2

  • DMCV2: $224 (regular: $299)

  • Dual DMCV2: $449.25 (regular: $599)

Unified DSLR Cages

  • Small: $224 (regular: $299)

  • Medium: $224 (regular: $299)

  • Large: $299 (regular: $399)

  • 15mm Baseplate: $149 (regular: $250)

More details can be found out on Wooden Camera’s site here.     

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November 21, 2018 at 12:16PM

No Film School
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Wow free shipping if I spend over $500!! Haha what a joke.

November 22, 2018 at 5:25PM

Kaster Troy
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