YouTube's 'Explore' Feature Could Bring More Eyes to Your Content

YouTube's Explore Feature Could Bring More Eyes to Your Content
Credit: Tube Filter
The new feature helps promote smaller creators through an "on the rise" category. 

For a while, it seemed like the days of building massive YouTube channels with large followings were behind us. But YouTube is experimenting with a new 'explore' feature that, according to tube filter, may open up the floodgates for new creators and their channels once again:

"Users who are in the test now see a new, broad category called ‘On the Rise,’ loaded with suggested videos by fledgling YouTubers. (The category takes its name from YouTube’s On the Rise program, which offers up-and-coming creators space on YouTube’s Trending page.) And within On the Rise is a shelf specifically featuring creators with fewer than 10,000 subscribers."

This is potentially exciting news for anyone with a 'fledgling' channel. We'll keep a close eye on the feature as it expands to more devices, and keep you informed as to how it might affect your ability to reach more audiences on YouTube. 

In the meantime, check out our YouTube Monetization Guide!


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