The Academy Awards are more than just a time to hand out statues to the year's best movies. They are an opportunity for awkward red carpet interviews, amazing gowns and tuxes, and watching people wince and clap as they lose. 

It's the ultimate party for film lovers, packed with excitement and anticipation. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed awards ceremonies. The Emmys were done mostly from home, with interludes on a stage, and even music awards are finding ways to have performers with no audience. 

But when the Academy Awards rolls around in 2021, they are promising the same old show. 

This year, the Academy of Motion Arts and Sciences moved their annual telecast back two months to April 25, 2021, to avoid the pandemic. I guess they hope all famous people will be vaccinated by then as well. 

But how many people will be allowed inside the 3,400-seat Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles? It seems like standing and sitting in a giant room full of people, even with masks, could be a pretty massive super-spreader event. 

No one is quite sure how this will be accomplished, just that it's been promised.  

According to the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center, L.A. County is the leading county in the U.S. for cases (at over 400,000) and deaths (over 7,600). So it doesn't seem smart to have some of our older and most vital actors, actresses, directors, and producers hanging out with each other. 

The Academy made this statement, but they will likely see how other awards shows like SAG, DGA, and the Golden Globes do. There could also be another shutdown in the spring, so that might throw a wrench into plans as well. And if we still have a limit on gatherings, no word on how they plan on getting around that too. 

It's nice to hear they are planning for a normal venture, but it doesn't seem very realistic. 

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Source: Variety