Action cameras are designed to be small and rugged, allowing you to shoot immersive, on-the-ground footage in harsh conditions. You can mount them almost anywhere! They're easy to use, but owners are always trying to find ways to give their footage a unique edge. A few simple tips can give your shots some fun perspectives, elevate your footage, and make you an action-cam master.

Premiere Gal has put together some of those tips for working with the DJI Osmo Action, but this advice could be applicable to a range of action cameras.

Watch their video below!

1. Mount the camera in your mouth

Sure, this might look goofy in the moment, but if you need that perfect first-person point of view, this is one way to get it. It could be perfect for capturing your food footage. Another option might be...

2. Attach the camera to silverware

Put viewers in your food's perspective! Since this will give you a kind of claustrophobic, tight shot, it might be good for an unsettling horror project.

3. Attach the camera to your leg

This tip could be applied to any extremity, really. In the video, the camera is mounted near the ankle and pointing upward, providing a worm's-eye view of the action.

Action Cam TipsCredit: Premiere Gal

4. Shoot top-down for an unboxing video

You can easily mount the camera upside-down using a tripod, filming from above for an unboxing video or flat-lay shot. This could also be a unique perspective in a narrative setting. Maybe your character is sitting for a meal, or working on documents.

5. Capture a time-lapse

We love a good time-lapse here at No Film School. They are simple enough shots to capture and can add scope and atmosphere to your projects. Mount your camera and walk away!

6. Mount the camera to handlebars

A driving sequence is another type of scene that is fairly straightforward and can give the audience a sense of your setting. You can mount your action cam to a bike, motorcycle, scooter, Segway...the sky's the limit.

7. Shoot underwater

Most action cams are waterproof, at least at surface level. Obviously you'll want to confirm this before you toss yours in the pool. If you can, then those underwater shots can add a lot to your outdoor or party sequences.

Action Cam Helmet MountCredit: Premiere Gal

8. Mount the camera on a helmet

This is another easy one that can get you lots of different footage, from motorcycles to scooters to skydiving.

9. Mount the camera on an animal

It's simpler than you think to recruit your dog, cat, or horse to join your film crew! This is another extremely unique perspective, one that would probably be used sparingly in a narrative project, but could inject some fun moments into your footage.

For example, have you ever wanted to see a turtle's perspective?

10. Use in vlogging

Since action cams are so compact, easy to use, and can go with you almost anywhere, they're a really great camera for vloggers. More hardcore vloggers will probably want a home studio set-up as well, but if you're on the go and need to give a quick update, you can whip out your action cam.

11. Use a chest mount

Here's another easy way to capture point-of-view footage! Strap on a chest mount for hands-free shooting. They can be used in addition to handheld cameras, which is what the boys over at Buzzfeed Unsolved (who shoot with DJI Osmo gimbals) do.

Ryan BergaraCredit: Buzzfeed Unsolved

What's next? Take a look at more action cams!

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Which action cam is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Premiere Gal