Techart has stepped out of the lab again with another lens adapter. Previously, the company introduced its Sony E – Nikon Z Autofocus Adapter (TZE-01) to adapt Sony E lenses to Nikon Z full-frame mirrorless cameras. Now, its Canon EF – Nikon Z Autofocus Adapter (TZC-01) can adapt Canon EF lenses to the Nikon Z series, including the Z7 and Z6


The adapter allows for Canon EF lenses to be used on Nikon's Z cameras without sacrificing autofocus, aperture control, or stabilization. Not only does the adapter work with Canon lenses, but also with EF mount lenses from Sigma, Tamron, Tikona, and Zeiss. According to Techart, the adapter is able to translate the Canon EF protocol into the Nikon Z cameras while retaining the lens functionality found on native lenses. Pretty cool.  

Nikon's AF-S, AF-C, AF-F, and MF mode will work with the adapter along with its popular face and eye detection. Other functions, including time-lapse, lens vibration reduction, and EXIF data are also supported. Phase-detect autofocus is part of the adapter as well. The adapter's built-in function button can save and recall the last focus distance by pressing it in for 2 seconds. 


Techart made the adapter firmware upgradeable. A lens dock is included that connects the adapter to a PC or Apple device via a micro USB cable. Oddly, the cable is not included. Firmware is updated via the Techart app. The company says it will add more supported lenses in the future, so be on the lookout for updates. 

It's great knowing that the filmmakers (and photographers) of today can easily adapt virtually any lens to a specific camera. As of now, Nikon offers 13 Z-mount lenses, and with its FTZ mount adapter, you can use any F-mount lens for its full-frame mirrorless cameras. The ability to use EF glass on the Nikon Z series cameras definitely adds a welcomed layer to creative image capture. 

Techart's line of adapters

  • Canon EF – Nikon Z Autofocus Adapter (TZC-01)
  • Canon EF Lens to Fujifilm GFX Autofocus Adapter (EF-GFX)
  • Canon EF Lens to Hasselblad X1D Autofocus Adapter TCX-01 (EF-X1D)
  • Leica M – Sony E Autofocus Adapter (LM-EA7)
  • Sony E – Nikon Z Autofocus Adapter (TZE-01)

Pricing & Availability 

The Techart Canon EF to Nikon Z Autofocus Adapter (TZC-01 ) is currently available for $249 USD. A one-year warranty is included when buying direct. If you're looking for an adapter without AF functionality, Fotodiox makes a very inexpensive one for $49.

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