However, with 17 different applications in its suite, it’s a bit overkill for the everyday content creator just looking to post to YouTube or Instagram.

Aiming at content creators with little to no experience in the Adobe ecosystem, Creative Cloud Express is designed to be a two-tier service—free and paid.

The drag-and-drop interface also includes a series of “quick actions,” powered by Adobe Sensei, and will incorporate functions that include removing background features from photos, editing videos, and converting videos into GIFs.  Adobe has also incorporated a simple search tool for combing through Adobe Stock which promises “advanced search and discover” options.

Sadly, Adobe will be sunsetting the popular Adobe Spark online app, which CC Express has been designed to replace.

“Today Adobe Spark on the web and Spark Post on mobile were replaced by Adobe Creative Cloud Express, an offering with the same content creation capabilities of Spark plus more,” an Adobe spokesperson said. “If you use any version of Spark, all your content will still be available in Creative Cloud Express as part of your existing subscription. No action is required on your part.”

Free users gain access to a million Adobe Stock assets, plus a variety of features spread across various Creative Cloud apps, including Photoshop and Premiere, and 2GB of storage.

The paid subscription, at $10 a month, will open access to up to 75 million more assets, 20,000 fonts, 100GB of storage, and use of apps like Adobe Premiere Rush, Adobe Spark Video, and Photoshop Express. Existing Creative Cloud members will also have full access to the Express tier, while it will be completely free to students K-12. 

A complete list of features for both free and paid tiers can be found on Adobe’s website.

Creative Cloud Express will be available as a web-based interface, or via mobile app for Android and iOS. The apps are available through the Microsoft Store, Google Play, and Apple App Store.

Now if we could only get an Elements version of After Effects, I’d be happy!