If you are working in a fast turnaround production that wants to stay in a single application and cuts in Premiere, the Lumetri toolset offers a quick way to do simple grading actions on your footage and meet your deadline.

Today Adobe is hoping to make that tool even faster with the announcement of Auto Tone, already available in beta and hopefully shipping in a final release soon.

The Auto Tone features are an improvement on the previous generation of auto-adjust features and will replace them in the toolset once the feature rolls out in full.

To use Auto Tone, you just click on Auto in the Lumetri panel and it will attempt to auto-adjust your shot to be a good starting point for a grade.


The strength here is that it does this using all the adjustments in the Lumetri panel so that you can continue to adjust the settings if the auto doesn't quite capture your intent.

Right now, Auto Tone is really intended as the first step in your grading process and doesn't work with log encoded footage or Log to Linear LUTs, which seems like an oversight that will hopefully be soon corrected considering the popularity of log video.

Most interesting is the lack of any mention of machine learning, AI, or Adobe Sensei (their AI branding) in discussing the Auto Tone creation. Considering how popular those technologies are right now for automating workflow, we wonder if they were involved in creating the new Auto Tone process, or if this is just a refinement of the toolset using traditional technologies.

Auto Tone is available in beta now and rolling out more widely soon.