Adorama Inspire, a photography conference in New York City, is back to give you a unique opportunity to learn more about visual storytelling from world-class industry professionals.

Over a course of 3 days, you can attend over 30 sessions, workshops, and panels that teach everything from how to light a face to creative and purposeful lens choice, as well as creating foley and making an indie film from start to finish.

If you're one who learns more by doing, you'll also be able to get hands-on instruction on how to use a wide variety of professional camera gear, shoot a performance of aerial acrobats, and take video walks around Manhattan with accomplished artists, like wedding photographer/videographer Andy To, photographer Erik Valind, and DP Mic-Anthony Hay.


And don't let the categorization fool you; Adorama Inspire isn't just for photographers. Almost every event applies to both photographers and filmmakers alike. And the final day of Inspire is actually dedicated to those who work with the moving image, offering events that teach you how to make an indie movie, color grade, how to find your voice as a filmmaker (which is taught by Morgan Cooper, by the way), and much more.

Adorama offers a taste of the exciting workshops you can attend while at Inspire:

  • RAW Emotion with Nigel Barker: Let’s kick off Inspire with a bang, and come see Nigel Barker shoot live. 
  • Creating Your Vision: Join photographer Emily Soto as she delves into the process of how to create style and vision.
  • From Conception to Navigating the Festival Circuit and Beyond: Award-winning indie filmmaker Becca Roth will walk you through the basics of making an indie film from start to finish.
  • The Landscape of the Face: Watch a live demo with Joe McNally about using light to highlight the uniqueness of the face.
  • The Audio Post Trifecta: FX, ADR & Foley: Julian Evans and Steven Pierce perform a full audio post process in under an hour, complete with sound effects, ADR, foley, and more macro shortcuts than you ever thought possible. 
  • Music Photography Seminar from Rock Star Photographer Greg Watermann: Join Wattermann as he shares his decades-long experience photographing bands and musicians, from The Doors and Linkin Park, to Ozzy Osbourne and Pitbull.
  • Storytelling by Lens: Discover ways to enhance storytelling by being purposeful with your lens choice, with professional photographer Meg Loeks.
  • Street Motion and Lighting: Finding the light and capturing motion on the streets of New York, with Erik Valind.
  • Take a Walk with Andy To: Video walk around Manhattan to capture the sights and sounds of the city.


Tickets to some workshops and events cost between $25 to $100, but the vast majority are completely free. Check out the full schedule to see what's available and when.

Adorama Inspire runs from June 18th through June 20th in New York City. Head on over to Inspire's website to learn more, register, and sign up for your favorite events.

Source: Adorama Inspire