There is nothing worse for a writer than writer’s block. You feel as if all of your creativity has been sucked dry, and like there is not a single interesting thought in your mind.

We all have our own ways of escaping our writer’s block. For me, I turn toward writing prompts and try to write a complete story. This gives me the encouragement I need to reinvigorate myself to sit down and continue writing a story that I’ve been stuck on for a while. 

The latest writing prompt for screenwriters comes in the form of an AI generator. If you only want to write stories that can be used for projects, then this AI generator can give you writing prompts for movies that do not exist… yet. 

This Movie Does Not Exist uses AI to generate movie posters and synopses that... do not exist. By using latent text-to-image diffusion to automatically generate realistic images of movie posters and descriptions, the generator will inspire you to write a story with endless prompts. 

Created by Reddit user Slhomme, The Movie Does Not Exist uses CPT-3 to generate the movie plots and uses that as a prompt (with in-between steps) for Stable Diffusion. As AI becomes more embedded in the creation of art, it is interesting to see movies that an AI can generate from such a simple prompt. 

Here are some of the AI-generated prompts I received: 

This AI generators suggest movies that do not exist'The Devil's Advocate'Credit: This Movie Does Not Exist

In_los_angeles'In Los Angeles at 2:00 a.m., John is terrorized by a clown'Credit: This Movie Does Not Exist

This movie does not exist'The Longest Road'Credit: This Movie Does Not Exist

While the posters are unsettling at best with distorted faces and illegible text, showing the limitations of the AI, the generator paints the aesthetic of the films and delivers surprisingly interesting synopses. There are some plot summaries and posters that I received that part of me felt already existed in some form, so I would highly recommend doing some research on the generated titles if one stands out to you.

This specific AI generator can't predict the movie's success, but it can give you some inspiration or, at least, a good laugh. 

I recommend you try it out to see what results you get. You never know if one of these nonexistent movies will spark a new story that could eventually develop into your next project.

Source: This Movie Does Not Exist