Something we talk about a lot on this website is the idea of your unique voice. Whether you're a writer or director, your voice is your point of view on the world and how you translate that into film and TV ideas. 

Well, one of the most unique voices working in Hollywood today is Wes Anderson.  He's an auteur filmmaker whose work encompasses his original worldview. 

Anderson is doing the rounds for his new movie, Asteroid City. That means we're getting interviews where he explains his process. In a recent IndieWire piece, Anderson discussed the impact Brian De Palma has had on himself as both a friend and mentor, and how emulating De Palma didn't work, but listening to his advice did. 

Anderson said, "You could always say that De Palma follows Hitchcock’s path, but a lot of people have followed De Palma’s path. His point of departure from Hitchcock’s influence is so strong. I have tried to do bits like a De Palma scene, setting up a sequence like De Palma would, but it’s almost impossible for me to do. Tarantino and Paul Thomas Anderson have done scenes where they set things up like De Palma and do it well. Not me. I had to find other things in his work. There are certain things he does that I certainly steal but others that I can’t steal because I’m not capable of it."

Asteroid_city_0'Asteroid City'Credit: Focus Features

Of course, Anderson has been defined by creating his path.

When asked about not living in Los Angeles but in Europe, Anderson said, "What I love is that my experience of the world is broader than it was. I didn’t grow up in Los Angeles or New York. I grew up in Houston. It was a more narrow perspective."

"Aside from knowing now what it’s like to live somewhere else, the experience of being a foreigner teaches you all kinds of things, some you can’t really describe," Anderson said. "But also, as I’ve worked in various places all over the world, I’ve gathered collaborators as I’ve gone along. I have people I’ve met in all corners of the world, really, who have stayed with me. They all bring things from their places that we use as a group. I’ve really loved having a bigger experience than anything that my parents had."

I thought this was a beautiful answer that told us a lot about Anderson and his films in a subtle way. Anderson is out there living life and seeing sights that may not be possible for the people who live in LA. He's taking in history, broadening his horizons, and therefore able to refine and continue to use his unique voice to make things. 

Anderson was already established before he moved to Europe fifteen years ago, but still, he's proving you don't have to be in Los Angeles to succeed if you have a good idea, can get actors, and secure financing. Those are all big hurdles but don't count yourself out. 

Source: IndieWire