Starting at 18mm at the widest, Angenieux will release a full set of cine prime lenses, all the way up to 200mm, all at T1.8.  Why is this so exciting? 

Well, Angeieux is head and shoulders above all others when it comes to cinema zoom lenses.  Those zoom lenses have traditionally been "well matched" to both the smoother Cooke and the sharper Zeiss lenses by landing somewhere in the middle on a "creamy but sharp" look that could be graded to match either of the other big players.

But with Angenieux Optimo Primes that are designed to identically match the Optimo line of zooms, DPs no longer need to worry.  Want to shoot with the 25-250 for 90% of your shots, but keep a set of primes around for gimbal, steadicam, and night exterior work?  Now you can match them all from the same brand and feel confident they will all cut together well in the final edit.

At CineGear 2019, Angenieux showcased the 40mm T1.8 prototype, giving cinematographers a chance to see the lens in person and evaluate the imagery. The entire lens set will cover Full-Frame image formats, which includes popular platforms like Alexa LF, Sony VENICE, RED Monstro and more, and is interchangeable betwee the PL and LPL mounting systems.

Since the optics are matched to the legendary Optimo Zoom lenses that have become ubiquitous on big-budget productions filmmakers are already excited to see the primes in action.

The full set of lenses will be available by the middle of 2020 and will cost around $300,000, with a la carte options possibly coming in the future. 

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