As one might expect for a “worldwide developers conference” hosted in 2024 by perhaps the most important tech company in the world, AI was front and center for most of Apple’s newest updates and features.

And while film and video production wasn’t the biggest focus this year, despite it still being a major part of how Apple markets its iPhone cameras and parts of its Vision Pro offerings, there are still plenty of highlights worth sharing that might be helpful for those in video (or video-adjacent) industries looking to get a head start on Apple’s 2024 lineup of updates.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the major highlights from Apple’s WWDC 2024.

Apple WWDC 2024 Highlights

So, the biggest news overall might simply be Apple’s announcement of MacOS 15 Sequoia at WWDC hosted, as usual, at Apple Park in Cupertino, California. This new macOS update will feature iPhone mirroring, auto window tiling, Continuity updates, and a cross-platform Passwords app for the first time.

The iPhone mirroring in particular could be useful for a variety of creative content uses and will probably be one of the most used updates from Apple’s lineup of updates. There were also several updates to Safari which is set to use machine learning to provide more info and features for those browsing the internet—which could be good news or bad news for some.

Vision Pro Updates and visionOS 2

Now, we’ll explore these next updates a bit more in the coming days, but what we’re most excited about so far from WWDC has to do with Apple’s announced Vision OS 2 for its Visio Pro headset which promises to bring a host of new updates including gesture controls, photo updates, and overall more immersive video content features.

Apple also quietly showcased Canon’s new dual-lens APS-C camera which we’ll explore a bit more later. In short though, even while the Vision Pro isn’t reportedly flying off shelves or anything, Apple is still very much interested in using the AR/VR headset as a way to launch and explore new immersive technologies—many of which might be interesting for film and video professionals looking to dabble in virtual productions.

Apple Intelligence and Other Updates

We also got a lot of updates about how AI is going to undoubtedly continue to revolutionize Apple's products, apps, and operating systems. It looks like ChatGPT integration will be on the way as well, which of course should a wide range of AI-powered features for many Apple apps and services like Siri.

Of course, there's so much more that Apple shared during WWDC this year which ranges from iPadOS updates (which features a calculator app for iPad for the first time) to RCS support for Messages. Hang tight as we sift through all of the announcements ourselves and are able to share more about what video-centric new tools and features will be coming to you.