In what might be the single-greatest YouTube title of all time, Tony & Chelsea Northrup posed a simple question in their latest video—”Should Apple make a camera?” And, the more you unpack this premise, the more questions spring out of this hypothetical idea.

And while this video from Tony and Chelsea Northrup might be more photography-focused than videography, the question is just as interesting to those who work in film and video as well. So, whether you’re a devoted Apple-head, an Android-hater, or simply a video pro looking toward the future, here’s what we can unpack from this premise.

Should Apple Make a Camera?

As you can see in the video above, Tony and Chelsea posit that a camera might indeed be on the way from Apple sometime in the future. Which makes sense, if you think about it. Ever since the iPhone got a camera the technology has advanced at a rapid pace and the latest versions are quite capable for photo and video—and have honestly been a bit part of Apple’s marketing of its latest iPhone models as well.

And, if Apple were to release a camera today, we pretty much know what the base level would look like as the iPhone 15 Pro Max was quite jam-packed with quality features. The real question here would simply be how quickly Apple handles the learning curve to provide the rest of the mirrorless camera (or cinema camera) perks that you expect to find in a quality photo or video camera that you don’t have in an iPhone.

Regardless of if—or perhaps just when—this might happen, it’s certainly fun to think about. What would you want to see (or not see) in an Apple camera for video?