There is so much we can say about cinema and video lighting. The past decade has seen incredible milestones for LED fixtures as they continue to evolve into powerful products.

While industry leaders have made some amazing tools (at a premium), we are of the opinion that Aputure has been leading this LED charge, creating not only affordable lighting solutions but powerful toolkits for all sorts of productions.

Now, the company has announced its acquisition of Prolycht. But what will this acquisition mean for filmmakers and how will it impact our lighting kits?

Aputure x Prolycht

If you're an NFS reader or filmmaker and you haven't heard of Aputure, please come out from under your rock. The company's monolight series, such as the 300D, 600D, and, more recently, the 1200D, are popular solutions for indie films and live events.

Aputure even has compact lights like the MC Pro and MT Pro, which makes lighting small spaces a breeze.

However, its more affordable amaran series of monolights has been the go-to for budget creatives, oft-copied by competitors. The amaran 60D has been a favorite of mine.

photos of the Aputure amaran 60d and 60x S Series lights

The amaran 60d and 60x S Series

Credit: Aputure

So, who is Prolycht?

The company is a fairly new player in the lighting game but has produced some killer options. A recent stand out has been the Orion 675 FS, which claims to match a 1.2K HMI and a 5K tungsten Fresnel in terms of output.

picture of the Orion 675 FS

The Orion 675 FS

Credit: Prolycht

Now, with Prolycht's acquisition, Aputure is gaining not only an ally for output but also color science, which should further push its own color science beyond the already advanced S-Series chips and other products.

Prolycht’s color science has always been an intriguing aspect of its lighting, as the company uses an RGBCAL LED layout. This includes Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Cyan, and Lime colors on the LED chip, improving color reproduction and accuracy.

picture of Prolychts RGBCAL LED layout



"Over the past six years, Prolycht has been a catalyst for innovation in film and television lighting technology." Anqing Liu, Founder of Prolycht, said.

"Tremendous efforts were taken for the development of color, sensing, optics, and control technologies that have redefined industry standards. Aputure has shaped our industry with great products and has always shared our goal of creating value for every filmmaker through innovation. Driven by this common philosophy, we are certain Prolycht’s technology and spirit will live on in Aputure’s future products and technologies."

Photos of ANQING LIU, Founder of Prolycht

Anqing Liu, Founder of Prolycht


What About Existing Prolycht Customers?

As with any acquisition, some things are bound to be lost in translation. With this news, we are sure that existing Prolycht users may worry about the support for their existing products.

However, the company ensures that existing Prolycht customers will have warranty and repair support for as long as possible through Prolycht channels. You can learn more by contacting

For the rest of us, I think this is an existing announcement that will see Aputure grow into a lighting powerhouse.