Lighting is a big hit during this year's NAB. Aputure just announced the LS 600c,and SmallRig brings the RC220 to the stage.

But Prolycht isn't one to stand in the shadows and let the other LED companies take the spotlight. The Orion 675 FS is bright. And we mean super bright.

According to Prolycht, this new fixture matches both a 1.2K HMI and a 5K tungsten Fresnel in terms of pure firepower. Where the ballast-free Orion goes above and beyond, however, is in purity and clarity, soaring high above these two classic staples.

Prolycht Orion 675 FSCredit: Prolycht

Brighter, Lighter, and Easier to Use

Allegedly, the Orion 675 FS is the "most powerful" color-tunable LED spotlight in the entire industry thus far. Its construction confers sharper shadows, a wider beam, and a more uniform light spread than any other LED of its type.


An RGBACL color scheme (short for red, green, blue, amber, cyan, and lime) allows this unit to mimic a color range spanning 1,800K to 20,000K.

This color engine outpaces that of previous RGBW and RGBWW technology, resulting in a much more natural character and color profile with every shot.

Prolycht Orion 675 FS Rear ControlsRear ControlsCredit: Prolycht

You'll find all of the salient details on this handy sheet of tech specs. Some features of note to be found here:

  • A 40mm native aperture
  • An 80-degree half-peak beam angle
  • 675 watts of maximum power output
  • A full RGBACL color gamut, as mentioned above
  • Seamless color tuning, as well as color tuning in CIExy color space, thanks to a full color control panel
  • Presets matching 46 common light sources, as well as copycat settings for 318 of your favorite brand-name gels
  • 0 to 100% dimmability, with 1,000steps to play with in-between
  • A 10-inch adjustable Fresnel lens, barndoors, a 60-inch soft dome, and a 35-inch soft lantern available through add-on packages
  • Two included reflector dishes, 30 degrees, and 55 degrees
  • DMX, LumenRadio CRMX, Art-Net, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi compatibility
  • A dedicated app, as well as compatibility with a couple of third-party remote control apps, as well
  • AC- or 48-volt battery-powered, including AC pass-through
  • 50,000 hours of guaranteed use

This fixture weighs a paltry 24.47 pounds with the yoke included. When output and adaptability are taken into consideration, the 675 delivers a lot of production value, especially when convenience is factored in. With no ballast to wrangle, tossing a few down takes no time at all, allowing you to get on with the show without delay.

Placing your pre-order before June 1 will net you a cool $700 off—at $2,795, this low-hassle, high-output fixture is a truly sound investment. It'll save you tons of time and labor far down the line.

Why We're Obsessed Already

The Orion 675 is a front-runner in the realm of RGBACL-capable spotlights, as well as other daylight-only LEDs of its class. It's significantly brighter than what the competitors have to show currently, and will often offer much more legroom in color granularity and gamut.


One of the most-talked-about selling points that the 675 has to offer is that it's just as bright as both a 1.2 HMI and a 5K tungsten fixture.

The spectrum of color, of course, will be what many are most enthused about here. Gone are the days of terrible, cheap-feeling "sunlight"—with the 675 FS, you'll be able to emulate the look and feel of any type of sunlight at any time of day.


Early-morning light, overcast coverage, and deep dusk are all rendered more faithfully with ease, often without the use of expendables and other accessories. Different modes make finding your fancy easy—explore your scene through CCT mode, X/Y mode, HSI mode, and a single-color mode, just for good measure.

It's also built to run the gamut of all types of productions. The 675 is "high-IP weather-rated," which means it's resistant to wind, rain, and ingress damage.

While we can't recommend taking it for a dunk in a pool, this unit is hardy enough to withstand moderate water spray and other atmospheric inclusions like sand or dust.

Compatibility and Connectivity

Prolycht has taken the term "smart light" and elevated it to an entirely new plane. Wireless CRMX, DMX compatibility, Art-Net, Ethernet, and smartphone apps for both iOS and Android put the power directly into your hands. We mean this literally.

Of course, discounting all of these useful and considerate provisions, the onboard UI is also extremely practical and approachable in its own right, which comes as no surprise. It's a fully visual interface that takes approximately 10 minutes to master. After that, the world truly is your oyster.

Prolycht Orion 675 FS SideviewHefty but lightCredit: Prolycht

Convenience and Practicality

With that being said, this is a single-body LED that takes little time to set up. The 675's built-in ballast gives this incredibly powerful fixture a dump-it-and-go vibe that we can really get behind.

A boatload of real-world experience was utilized throughout the development of this innovative new light—according to Prolycht, dozens of talented gaffers and DPs were recruited in the process, and it really feels like it.


Pre-Order Now for $700 Off

The 675 is currently available at a significant discount to anybody placing their order before it hits the stage officially. You have until June 1 to take advantage of this incredible offer.

To put your name down, you can find a Prolycht retailer near you for the full disclosure.


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