Aputure rolled out its latest fixture today, the LS 600d, a 600W daylight LED that claims to have the brightness of a 1200W HMI. Along with it, the company has released the F10 Fresnel lens modifier and a set of barndoors. 

F10 Fresnel

The F10 Fresnel is a Bowens Mount lens modifier made to match the traditional size of a 10-inch fresnel. The lens is made from real glass and should provide a nice hard light with a subtle soft quality. 

Key Features 

  • Up to 200,000+ lux @ 1 Meter with the Aputure LS 600d
  • 15°-45° Variable Beam Angle
  • 10” Glass Fresnel Lens
  • Dual Lens Optical Design
  • Compatible with F10 Barndoors
  • Seamless Focus Adjustment
  • Minimizes Light Leaks

The fresnel has Aputure's dual-lens optical design, which uses a condenser lens to refocus the light from a flat-chip COB LED. When the F10 is combined with the LS 600d, the company says the fixture can output over 200,000lux at 1 meter.

The F10 Fresnel has a variable 15°-45° beam angle and the same adjustable focus design as Aptuture's Fresnel 2X. The F10 also has a new ventilation design to allow for more airflow and keeps the COB from overheating. 


F10 Barndoors

Along with the F10 Fresnel, Aputure has announced the F10 Barndoors. The 10-inch metal design touts adjustable leaves that are made to properly cut light from the F10 Fresnel. 

Key Features 

  • 8-Leaf Barndoor 
  • Drop-in Latching Attachment System
  • Large Leaves to Sharply Cut Larger Light Sources
  • Compatible with the F10 Fresnel
  • Black Reflector Dish for Sharper Shadow

Rather than a wire-clamp design, the F10 Barndoors use an industry-standard, heavy-duty drop-in latching mechanism for durability. The large barndoor leaves provide fine adjustment with 4 additional side leaves for a full 8-leaf barndoor set.

Compatible with larger Bowens-Mount lights and modifiers, the barndoors come with a black reflector dish to create clean cuts of light. This helps to minimize the light source to only the size of the LED, allowing the F10 Barndoors to create sharp shadows. They will also have an option for a Negative Reflector.

Price & Availability 

The F10 Fresnel and F10 Barndoors are currently in development and pricing is unavailable at this time. Both are expected to arrive sometime this fall.