If you happen to be in Southern California this week, Aputure is holding a free masterclass all about RGB lighting. Hosted by Aputure’s Ted Sim and Quasar Science's Tim Kang, the event will be a masterclass in lighting, focusing on how to use LED. They’ll also be discussing the limitations of the film industry's most exciting and popular equipment. 

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In addition to bringing you a LIVE demonstration of lighting and the limitations of LED that the industry faces, they'll also reveal potential pitfalls that you may have already faced on your productions, but have been unable to identify. Filmmakers, cinematographers, content creators and even union lighting technicians of all different levels will benefit from this masterclass. The class is not only a workshop in LED, but also in the underlying color science and a live demonstration of why we perceive lighting the way that we do. 

Aputure Lighting Masterclass


  • 5:00 pm: Doors Open
  • 5:30 pm: Cocktail Hour & Mixer
  • 6:30 pm: Welcome from Aputure & Quasar
  • 7:00 pm: "The Truth About RGB"
  • 8:30 pm: LIVE Q&A
  • 9:00 pm: Giveaway
  • 10:00 pm: Event Wrap

This event will take place at LA FILM BOUTIQUE on January 9th, so mark your calendars. Space is limited, and the event is first come, first serve, so be sure to arrive early. 

Source: Eventbrite