As with any big trade conference, all of the initial buzz and fanfare might initially go to the biggest camera announcements and tech releases. However, the real ones know where to go for the good stuff. Lighting isn’t always as sexy as AI, per se, but when news of major new LED panels from the likes of ARRI comes out, you better bet we’re there to cover it.

And these new ARRI SkyPanel X LED panels promise to be quite the game changer for cinematographers and video professionals alike as it’s the company’s first fixture to use RGBACL technology. An update on the original ARRI SkyPanels which were introduced back in 2015, these new LED panels are a major update for the brand and should instantly be a great option for film and video pros looking for LED lighting in any setting or weather conditions.

Let’s check out these new ARRI SkyPanel X LED panels and explore if they might be right for you.

Introducing the ARRI SkyPanel X

Designed as a more powerful and all-weather update to the previous SkyPanel version (which was quite popular itself), this new SkyPanel X should provide all of the hard and soft lighting options you could ever need with new dimming controls, color science tweaks, and an overall output quality that enhances medium to long throws with up to 20 times greater output than other soft lights.

With a modular design aimed at supporting native soft light using a dome and hard light using open-face lighting with the optional HyPerOptic lens, the SkyPanel X should be able to use its multiple panels together to work as a single fixture in 2 x 1, 2 x 2, or 2 x 3 configurations.

As far as measurements go, the 2x1 ARRI SkyPanel X will stand at 73.8 x 33.9 x 15.4cm/29.1 x 13.3 x 6.1″ without a yoke. And, similar to most ARRI fixtures, the SkyPanel X should clock in at around 33 lbs (or 40 lbs with the yoke) making it a bit heavier, but still moveable on bigger sets.

\u200bThe different ARRI SkyPanel X options

The different ARRI SkyPanel X options

Credit: ARRI

A Full-Spectrum RGBACL Color Engine

What’s perhaps most interesting about the new SkyPanel X though is its full-spectrum RGBACL color engine which boasts a 1500-20,000 CCT range with accurate color rendition plus numerous wired and wireless control options.

The SkyPanel X also sports an IP66 rating for performance in all weather conditions, making it an excellent option in the studio or out in the field for the stormiest of shoots.

There are also some nifty design features like a built-in power supply unit for portability which itself can be daisy-chained with other SkyPanel X units to create a fully realized and expansive lighting grid for bigger shoots and productions.

There are also some neat modular design features as well as the SkyPanel X is divided into eight-pixel zones which all can be animated and programmed independently. The SkyPanel X is also set to launch with three lighting modifiers including a dome for creating soft light, a HyPer Optic for very hard and direction light, and a S60 Adapter for adapting all existing lighting modifiers created for the original SkyPanel.

Price and Availability

While just announced, ARRI has not yet released a price or expected arrival date for these new LED panels. However, we could expect pre-orders to begin here soon which you can keep tabs on below—along with the full list of specs:

  • For Studio & Film/TV Production
  • Modular Design, Native Soft & Hard Light
  • 16,602 Lux at 3.3'
  • 1500 to 20,000K Color Temperature
  • 2x1 Panel Size; CRI 99, TLCI 93
  • All S60-C Accessories Work with Adapter
  • 8 Pixel Zones per Panel
  • Wired/Wireless Control Options
  • 15 Macros & 15 Pre-Programmed FX
  • Passive/Active Cooling, Integrated PSU
Price: TBA