With the release of Panasonic's latest firmware updates, which includes the S1H receiving Blackmagic RAW, Atomos has announced plans to develop firmware for both the Panasonic S1 and BGH1 allowing them to record external ProRes RAW when paired with an Atomos Ninja V monitor-recorder. 

The BGH1 features a 10.2 megapixel Micro Four Thirds image sensor and will be able to record up to 4K DCI, while the LUMIX S1 will top out at 5.9K. Both cameras also support anamorphic RAW recording as well. 

The BGH1 is the new 4K cinema-style camera with a modular form factor ideal for a variety of workflows. When combined with the Ninja V, it will record up to 4K DCI ProRes RAW and up to 3.7K anamorphic RAW.

The camera’s small and compact size makes it perfect for gimbal and drone shooting, plus other areas like livestreaming, vlogging, and cinema production. Its Micro Four Thirds image sensor provides flexible lens options, affordable anamorphic capture, and dual native ISO, providing the next level of production utilizing the power of ProRes RAW.

The Ninja V and BGH1 can also work in sync for multicamera productions through LTC and Genlock inputs perfectly complemented with the Atomos UltraSync One lightweight and cost-effective wireless sync system. It's worth noting when configuring the UltraSync One Genlock mode, you need to set the output type to 1080i-PSF mode regardless of camera resolution setting.

The S1 is a full-frame mirrorless camera that with the latest update from Panasonic mirrors a lot of functionality of the popular S1H. It now offers ProRes RAW recording up to 5.9k ProRes RAW with the Ninja V, plus support of anamorphic RAW. 

There's no specific date to when the software update will be made available for the Ninja V to download. We'll keep you updated when it's released.