In the wake of Panasonic releasing a firmware update that unlocks external RAW recording on the GH5S via its HDMI port, Atomos has announced it is developing a software update to allow its Ninja V recorders to capture ProRes RAW from the cameras. 

This is exciting news for those shooting with the GH5S, as the RAW codec enhances color grading workflows. The press release Atomos sent out highlighted the Atomos Nina V and Ninja V+ will support 4K DCI 60p and 3.7K 60p anamorphic. 

It's unclear when the firmware will be released, but we're sure it will be soon.

That said, Blackmagic has also started offering BRAW capture through its Video Assist recorders on Panasonic cameras. It will be interesting to see if the company supports the GH5S. If so, we might see both Atomos and Blackmagic support the upcoming GH6 when it is announced.