The NEON series from Atomos includes 4K HDR production monitors that can record and play back footage. They're ideal for on-set or in-studio workflows where larger screens are necessary.

They come in either 17" or 24" flavors, and besides the size difference, they feature the same capabilities. You can connect cameras or any video sources via SDI, which supports up to 4K DCI 60p via 12G or Dual 6G or lower resolutions and frame rates via 1.5/3G SDI up to 2Kp60 with up to 12 channels of embedded audio.

Recording can be played back and reviewed without needing to offload media or take the camera out of a record mode—a very convenient way to check the gate before rolling your first take, or review a scene. 

Atomos is eager to get more NEONs into the hands of customers by announcing the NEON Take Control promotion where users can claim back one of three items when purchasing a new NEON 17” or 24”. In addition, Atomos has introduced Neon Test and Try where you can schedule to test a NEON unit to see if it fits your workflow needs.

Below are the three free items up for grabs.

Atomos Button Bar

Atomos_neonCredit: Atomos

First is the new Atomos Button Bar for NEON, which is coming out soon. As the name suggests, the Button Bar is a device with buttons that provide directors and camera operators quick access to scopes, monitor assist tools, frame guides, LUT selection, and more. There are dedicated buttons to record and play back, and you can jump into the last take to review the shot, step-through frame by frame, or loop the entire clip.

You can look at it as a feature-heavy remote for NEON. 

Loupedeck Live

Neon_loupeCredit: Atomos

With the release of the macOS App, the AtomRemote shortcut control of NEON is at your fingertips, whether on set with your DIT cart or back in the edit suite. Paired with the Loupedeck Live, they've created a profile that provides fast access to the controls. Exposure and analysis tools are available as you need them, or jump into playback mode to access the recorded clips, transport controls, and loop playback. As a controller, the Loupedeck Live is completely customizable, allowing you to configure a personalized profile that meets your unique needs with commands and tools.

iPod Touch

Neon_ipodCredit: Atomos

With the Apple iPod Touch, users will be able to control all of the NEON settings remotely without needing to be at the screen itself via the AtomRemote iOS APP.  The app is supported on a wide variety of devices from iPod Touch, iPads, and iPhones dating back to iOS 12. As part of the Take Control Promotion, Atomos is giving away a 32GB version in black. 

As you might imagine, terms and conditions apply, and the offer is available until April 30, 2021

NEON Test and Try

The NEON Test and Try is pretty simple. Head on over to this website, fill out the form, and Atomos will be in contact. Who knows, you may end up liking NEON.