Fujifilm recently announced the 102MP GFX100S, a new medium-format camera, part of its GFX series, and with it comes the support for external RAW recording. Atomos has stepped in and says creators can record 12-bit ProRes RAW files up to 4K 30p when paired with the Ninja V.

Atomos already supports Fujifilm's flagship camera, the GFX100, so it doesn't come as much of a surprise (but a thankful one) they have followed suit to support the GFX100S with ProRes RAW. 

As you may know, shooting with the compressed RAW format from Apple has its advantage in the color grade, as there's more shadow and highlight detail in the image when compared to ProRes.

You will be able to record either ProRes RAW and ProRes RAW HQ with the GFX100S, and editing the footage could not get any easier as Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, and Media Composer all natively support the format. On top of that, Atomos suggests they will add white balance and ISO support for more flexibility in the edit later this summer. With the metadata, you'll be able to adjust the white balance and ISO in the NLE. 

With the addition of the GFX100S, Atomos now supports over 20 cameras with ProRes RAW with either its Ninja V or Shogun 7 recorders. You can download the latest Ninja V firmware on its support page