Last weekend at IBC, Atomos announced a free upgrade path for the Shogun 7 external monitor recorder which will give users a super bright setting of up to 3000 nits. Known as "Ultimate HDR," the new brightness settings double the brightness that was announced at NAB just a few short months ago. And the best part is users can get it with a simple firmware update.  

In the press release, Atomos Co-founder and CEO Jeromy Young says:

"Now, thanks to a super bright 3000nit screen, we can give professional shooters, filmmakers and content creators over 15 stops of dynamic range. With 360 zones, 1,000,000:1 contrast and 105% DCI-P3 color, the on-set monitoring experience is truly a level up."

Atomos Shogun 7

The Shogun 7 offers a 1920x1280 resolution display and utilizes both LED and LCD technologies, working in tandem along with Atomos HDR-based OK to get higher brightness and color gamut. With the new firmware update, known as "Unbelievable HDR," the Shogun will not only double screen brightness to a super bright 3000 nits, but it also sports 15 stops of dynamic range, a 1,000,000 to one contrast ratio, and  105% DCI-P3 color gamut. The Shogun AtomOS v 6.71 firmware update is available for download now.

But that's not all that Atomos has planned for the Shogun 7. In addition to doubling the brightness in the Shogun 7's display, Atomos showcased two new features for the Shogun 7 at IBC. These included New Touch and Switch 5 Stream multi-camera switching options, as well as Dolby Vision playout to the monitor recorder. That firmware update will be available to customers in October, according to Young, but the press release states Atomos may put it out "later this month." 

The low cost Atomos Shinobi gets even more affordable.Credit: Atomos

Atomos Shinobi and Shinobi 4K

In other Atomos news, the company announced a price reduction for the Atomos Shinobi and Shinobi 4K SDI HDR Monitors. The HDMI version is now priced at $299 (reduced from $399) with the SDI version reduced from $499 to $429. "The Shinobi line has been our highest selling monitor ever," said Young. "This has enabled us to increase volume production and as always, we pass on the cost savings to our customers." The price drop is effective immediately and will apply to all regions. 

The Atomos NEON now supports 16-bit Raw recording for the Sony FX9Credit: Atomos

Sony FX9 Support

Atomos also announced 16-bit RAW Support for the new Sony FX9 through the Atomos Neon 8K MCU. The Neon 8K will offer 4K 16-bit RAW from the FX9. The FX9 itself will ship at the end of 2019 and isn't scheduled to get the 16-bit RAW feature onboard until a firmware update scheduled sometime in the Summer of 2020. So, clearly using the Neon is somewhat of a workaround until then. But according to Atomos, it should allow FX9 users to hit the ground running and record in RAW from the outset.

Atomos also isn't waiting for Nikon to get its act together for 12-bit RAW output in the Nikon Z Series. At IBC, the company demoed 12-bit RAW and ProRes support for the Nikon Z7 and Z6 full-frame mirrorless cameras through the Atomos Ninja V 4K HDR monitor/recorder. Here's hoping that puts a little pressure on Nikon to release it sooner, rather than later.