A few months ago, entertainment reporter Jeff Sneider tweeted a rumor that Disney was allowing James Cameron to finish special effects on a nine-hour cut of the third Avatar film. At the time this made no sense. Why would Disney pay for expensive effects on a movie that would not be released that long? 

There were several theories about having enough room to cut scenes in and out, and maybe save some stuff for the fourth installment. 

But now, Jeff Sneider is back with a rumor follow-up. 

Sneider joined John Rocha on their podcast, The Hot Mic, to discuss the possibility that Avatar 3 would have a normal release at a normal (three hours, probably) length, and after it left theaters Disney+ would add the nine-hour cut to their platform and release it as a limited series. 

Does this make sense? 

I'm not sure. I don't know what Disney+ gains in what would surely be a very expensive nine-hour version of the movie. You're talking hundreds of millions extra.

But then again, maybe it would draw in more subscribers who want to see more of the biggest movies in the world. 

Hard to say, and with no prevailing proof, but we will keep you updated. 

Source: The Hot Mic