The cloud has become a prominent part of everyday life, and studios are learning how to embrace it. Especially after a global pandemic fractured the entertainment industry. With the effects of that pandemic still lingering, companies are offering solutions to bring creative endeavors back together through the cloud. 

According to Variety, AVID Technology and Amazon Studios have announced a three-year agreement to bring cloud-based editorial to Amazon Studios’ slate of original movies and series. 

AVID + Bezos

This deal will offer creative teams working with Amazon Studios a cloud experience similar to an on-premises editorial bay. Teams will be able to maintain a collaborative workflow with shared storage and end-to-end media management without the complexity and time required to set up and tear down traditional hardware. 

Traditionally, film editors needed to access massive sets of media files that have traditionally been stored in the same location as the editing teams, but the cloud has given editing teams the freedom to work from almost anywhere without disrupting the content workflow. 

Museums-victoria-noscofomtu4-unsplashImagine editing footage from this in the cloud.Credit: Museums Victoria

This collaboration will bring AVID's Emmy-winning Media Composer software tool and AVID NEXIS media storage solutions to editors and other contributors wherever they are in the world, delivering secure access to media and metadata across all tiers of storage.

AVID and Amazon are tracking changes in the industry and are following in the footsteps of

The Competition at a Glance

At NAB 2022, announced several new partnerships, apps, and massive updates that would connect creative teams through the cloud, positioning itself to become one of the most innovative film-related companies of the decade. If you’d like to know the details about’s extensive rollout and collaborations with Atomos, Teradek, Canon, FilMic Pro, and more, check out our full breakdown here.

Blackmagic Design has also released its own cloud options as well.

Film-tv-xl2xBlackmagic Cloud StoreCredit: Blackmagic Design

Camera to Cloud has become the norm for filmmakers, and we will most likely see more studios making agreements with editorial services to make collaboration quick and easy on shoot days and during post-production. To that, we tip our hat. The more connected we are, the better we can collaborate. 

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Source: Variety