What if you could take your post-production toolkit to the gym? If you’re an editor or creative in need of sound effects, stock footage, VFX assists for compositing, and/or new LUTs to elevate your work, 5DayDeal is ready to help, protein shake in hand. You get ALL OF THAT in the Video Creator Bundle, for only $98. 

Get the Video Creator Bundle

The 2022 Video Creator Bundle from 5DayDeal launched yesterday with a whopping 37 tutorials and tool packs. There are only three days left to get it, so let’s explore the amazing tools that filmmakers will get. 

Did we also mention you get to support some amazing charities?

Tools of the Trade

Let’s say you’re a creative with super sick editing chops, but your project is missing something. Maybe you need VFX, or you lack that important shot. Maybe you lost your composer and need the right music?

The 5DayDeal Video Creator Bundle is stock full of… well, stock footage, for starters. 

FILMPAC is offering its 2022 4K & HD Stock Footage Pac full of gorgeous cinematography. All of their content feels like traditional stock video, but only if Bradford Young were behind the camera. If you don’t know who that is, he’s the cinematographer of Arrival, among other things. Here's a sample of what FILMPAC is bringing to the table:

If you need music to match that amazing footage, you’ll also get the Cinematic Textures Music Pack from Pleasant Pictures Music Club and a sample audio pack from Audio Ninja. 

Just with these two toolkits, you can edit and score an entire Terrance Malick film. All you need is the narration. 

However, as the late Billy Mays used to say, “But wait, there’s more!”

Triune Films is also delivering some amazing SFX tools from its VHS/CD/Tape and Monster SFX packs. If VFX is more your style, you’ll also get their Electric Pack of 260 stock footage assets for VFX compositing and graphic design. If Triune Films sounds familiar, that’s because the gang behind it also does Film Riot. 

Not only that, but the 2022 bundle also has the Particle Illusion by Boris FX, a slew of amazing visual elements from Tropic Colour, and some amazing CRT Textures from Ezra Cohen. Better yet, you’ll also get Cohen’s CRT Master Class and Tour Visual Elements.

There are also LUTs galore from Triune Color and Tobi Shinobi, a Neon Elements pack for Premiere Pro and After Effects, Vintage Film Overlays, and Original Film Split Screens with Filmburns. 

Are these things going to instantly make you a better filmmaker or editor? No, of course not. But with this expanded toolkit you’ll have the flexibility to learn and explore so many different techniques. 

All for just $98. You’ll also support some amazing charities too.


The 5DayDeal Charities 

Started in 2014 by photographer Griffin Stewart, 5DayDeal bridges the creative community with charitable organizations that are making a scientific, environmental, and/or humanitarian difference around the world. Since the start, the team at 5DayDeal has donated more than $2,000,000 to charity.

This year, organizations like Street Child, Action Against Hunger, and Make-A-Wish will receive your support. You can see the full list of charities you'll get a chance to support.


Take Your Toolkit to the Gym

All of these amazing tools, some of which are made by incredibly talented creators, are only available for another three days, so check out the 5DayDeal Video Creator Bundle right now to jump in on the action. 

But we have to be honest, we lied about the protein shake. You’ll have to get that on your own.