I don't know about you, but when I want to learn something, I hop on YouTube. The video tutorials I find on there rival any film school or paid subscription service, and they're all free! So today I wanted to focus in on why these sites are among the best filmmaking YouTube channels out there. 

We'll look at ones that feature writing, directing, gear, tutorials, and even some video essays. 

These websites are sure to help you refine your craft, kick your filmmaking butt into shape, and get your material out in the world. 

This is not a ranking, just a list of the best. So if you have suggestions, let me know and I will add more.

So let's do it! 

The 36 Best Filmmaker YouTube Channels of 2019

1. Film Riot 

Film Riot is a how-to experience through filmmaking. They cover VFX, cinematography, and lots of other hands-on episodes to guide you on set. 

2. Tom Antos 

This director and cinematographer walks you through VFX, new gear, and gives practical advice based on his decade-plus of experience! 

3. Filmmaker IQ 

We love a good video course, but what's even better? Watching them for free. This site delivers lots of curated "how-to's" at zero cost. 

4. Indy Mogul

Finally, a channel focuses on getting the best information out there for indie filmmakers at every level. Great with gear recs, filmmaking strategies, and budgetary advice. 

5. Dave Dugdale 

A true creator whose experience in DSLR cameras and tutorial videos can jumpstart your skills in a matter of minutes. 

6. Justin Oshido 

Get back to the basics with a guy who spends all his time explaining how you can get out and shoot something with the resources you have at hand. 

7. Lessons from the Screenplay 

Writing is important, but how does the page reflect the screen? This channel helps you see a directors vision from the page. 

8. No Film School

We'd be remiss if we left ourselves off the list. Here's our chance to humblebrag about our mission of free information. We cover CineGear, NAB, and other tech fests as well as writing ideas and "how-to" videos. 

9. Neumann Films 

Want the latest and greatest about cameras and equipment? This channel contains the best breakdowns and showcases on the web. 

10. Cinecom.net 

Tutorials, camera tips, and an interactive YouTube studio that shows you practical uses of all the gear available. 

11. Philip Bloom 

Unbox the latest cameras, monitors, gear and more with this professional cinematographer. His work is fascinating and provides the easiest and best feedback on what's new. 

12. Pop Culture Detective 

These critical video essays can give depth and meaning to your work. 

13. Every Frame a Painting (RIP)

Though no longer kicking ass, this channel has 28 incredible videos that are "must see" for anyone trying to make it in film and television. 

14. Premium Beat 

Tutorials in post-production, shooting, and lots of other informative lists. Premium Beat is one of our favorite channels to stalk. 

15. Aputure 

A mix of the creative and the clinical, this channel breaks down the science and technique to go along with your imagination. 

16. Zach Ramelan

A YouTube personality who continues to push the boundaries of videos by posting tutorials and epic takedowns of what we typically see on less-informed channels. 

17. Academy Originals

Want to know the story behind your favorite movies, creators, and behind the scenes specials? This is your window into the Academy and their esteemed members. 

18. The Film Look 

We're all working on a budget of some kind, though most of us would rather spend less. This site keeps you on track for less. 

19. Shutterstock Tutorials 

Tips and tricks from the pros. Every week this channel has tons of practical guides for filmmakers at every level. 

20. Sonduck Films 

Tutorials that get to the point without messing around. They don't belabor anything, just give you the details. 

21. Grip Tips 

The grip is one of the most important people on set. Now you have a pro in your back pocket for when things get tough. 

22. YCImaging 

A working pro that stops to give you tips on how to handle clients, negotiate jobs, and use the gear you rented. 

23. WhatCulture 

Gaming, movies, and television all wrapped up into one. Watch this channel to take a break and to learn! 

24. Variety 

If you want to work in Hollywood you have to know what's going on in the world. Stay up to date with the news and the trends. 

25. BAFTA Guru 

Learn pro lessons delivered by the pros. This series of interviews can inspire you on set or on the page. 

26. Media Division 

Where filmmakers go to discuss craft and tell the audience how they really accomplish some of those camera moves and angles. 

27. Deity Microphones 

Sound is one of the, if not the most important thing to focus on when you start out. So get it right with the right equipment. 

28. Cooke Optics TV 

You want to learn cinematography from the best. So you have to talk to the best. This site is free information from some of the most heralded sources. 

29. Potato Jet 

Rent gear that you know is great. These reviews tell you what you get for every price point. 

30. Nerdwriter 

It's not just about cinema and cameras. It's also about learning how culture influences art and how art influences movies. Get it all right here. 

31. D4Darius

Screenwriting, directing, and cinematography. This guy emphasizes practical tips to help you make your film! 

32. Olifemii Film Tutorials

Here's a great channel that offers special deals for watchers when it comes to different camera and editing packages. 

33. Peter McKinnon

Get tactical advice from a working camera expert! 

34. Gerald Undone 

So much of the filmmaker world is built on tech. but it can get expensive to rent and try this equipment. Luckily Gerald does it for you! 

35. Cinema Cartography 

Art changes the world. so how can you make your art have an impart? These helpful videos can change the way you think about your projects. 

36.  Film Jams

They promise to quadruple your knowledge as a filmmaker, what more could you want? 

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