They're lightweight, powerful, and emit little heat. And nobody does LED better than Luxli—if you've ever been interested in giving the brand a shot, now might be your chance to win big.

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Check out more on this LED below!

What Is the Luxli Viola² On-Camera LED Board?

The Luxli Viola² on-camera LED panel isn't exactly an RGB LED board; it's actually something called an RGBAW LED board.

What does RGBAW mean?

RGBAW stands for red, green, blue, amber, and white. The addition of amber and white expands the output gamut that the Viola² is capable of.

Rich, deep yellows and oranges and bright, arresting whites and blues become more realistic than ever, far beyond the capabilities of a traditional RGB LED board. Both could be yours in a package more compact and convenient than anything you've ever seen from Luxli before.

What else makes the Viola² LED light different from the rest?

Luxli-viola2-featuresCredit: B&H

Luxli Viola² Tech Specs

The Luxli Viola² proudly picks up where the original Viola LED board left off. Every Luxli Viola² boasts the following key features:

  • 88 individual LED diodes
  • Dimmability between 3,000K and 10,000K
  • 0 to 360° RGB output
  • 150 digital gel filters
  • Camera- or stand-mounted functionality, with an included ball joint cold shoe adapter
  • Compatibility with a number of useful Luxli accessories—softboxes, grids, diffusion, barndoors, and other cosmetic overlay panels
  • A quality guarantee, with an included photometric datasheet, right from the factory calibration center
  • Seamless Bluetooth integration with the Luxli Composer app for iOS and Android

Every digital LED board comes with a dedicated app these days. Luxli's Composer app leaves nothing to be desired in this regard—full remote control from your smartphone or tablet device for every Luxli LED board that you have in the field.

This app makes lighting the room a lot of fun. Read on for some of our favorite aspects of this versatile system.

How to Use the Luxli Viola² LED Board

You'll be able to do most of your configuration within the Luxli Composer app. Once you've established your connection, you'll be able to take full advantage of what this lighting system has to offer.

  • Shuffle your set-up with an awesome digital mixing board, including a handy master intensity slider
  • Adjust each fixture in your system precisely in one of several different color modes—RGB, HSL, CCT, and gel mode
  • Apply different effects to your LED board output, including cloud coverage effects, camera flashes, fire simulation, lightning, and sirens
  • Sequence different configurations for an automated, hands-free performance while shooting
  • Recreate real-world colors using your smartphone or tablet camera
  • Save and name lights, group them into custom presets, and adjust them all simultaneously
  • Manage all of your presets within the app's preset management directory
  • Upload or download custom presets, sharing them with others online

On the actual unit, you've got two simple knobs to deal with. One controls the color output. The other one dims the board between 0 to 100% luminance.

Clicking these knobs allows you to specify things like color temperature under certain modes. Quick-swapping your board from, 3200K to 5600K, for example, takes no time, even when your phone is in the other room.

Luxli-led-panelCredit: Mostafa Meraji

What Is the Luxli Viola² Good For?

Let's not forget—this unit is actually an on-camera LED board, not just a regular LED panel. While this robust little number is more than strong enough to stand strong on its own as a stand-mounted fixture, it's built for action by design.

We encourage you to try the Viola² anywhere you would normally use an ordinary RGB LED light. There are plenty of niche roles that the Luxli Viola² steps into perfectly, however.

Journalism and Documentary Filmmaking Lights

When you're pounding the streets in pursuit of a real story, messing around with hoighty-toighty, cinematic lighting will often leave you and your crew in the dust.

An onboard LED board keeps you quick on your feet when time is of the essence. Even when shooting at night, out in the elements, or in a poorly-lit building, your subject will be illuminated adequately enough to capture the authentic moment, no do-overs required. You'll never miss the shot of a lifetime again.

Vlogging Lights

Those working in the vlogosphere are usually more worried about the connection that they're making with their audiences than the subtlety of their lighting scheme. Much like an on-camera ring light, you can vlog hands-free with the Viola², all while being bathed in soft, flattering, consistent, and customizable light.

One afternoon experimenting with the app, and you'll likely end up with several attractive presets to choose from for your next online spiel. They're saved to your phone or to the cloud, ready on a whim the next time you're ready to throw it down.

Intuitive, Powerful LED Output for Every Type of Shoot

Precision and portability both make the Luxli Viola² LED board a stand-out as far as we're concerned. To feel the difference for yourself, we invite you to enter for your chance to win. This limited-time offer won't last long.

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