What Does Billy Wilder Think All Directors Should Do?

Credit: Park Circus
Listen to one of the best. 

It's hard to explain how important Billy Wilder is in the annals of film. He's an American auteur who could handle any genre and any budget level. His enthusiasm for the craft brought so many new people to the business and inspired us all. 

Wilder is known for his wonderful words and for being very open with his process. 

Check out this clip from part of his Harold Lloyd Master Seminar shot in 1976 where he gives some advice he thinks all directors need to hear. 

As you heard in the video, Wilder says that while a director doesn't need to know how to write, they must know how to "read." That means they need to see the intentions in the script and figure out how to best communicate that with the actors, and also pick up the visual language on the page and communicate that with the cinematographer. 

Directing is a huge job. Reading factors into every facet, from picking a script you like, to picking up on intentions. 

Reading is the root of all of that. So if you want to be a great director like Billy Wilder, get reading! 

What else have you learned from Wilder? Let us know in the comments.     

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