Great news for writers who are underrepresented in Hollywood! The Black List has teamed with Google Assistant to launch the inaugural Storytelling Fellowship. It will provide financial and creative support to five writers in the development and execution of a new original feature film script or television pilot that highlights contemporary stories and perspectives from historically underrepresented communities.

And as a creative, I can tell you that money to pay your bills can help you feel free. 

They will choose five writers for this honor. They will each receive $20,000 for the purpose of supporting themselves for six months as they work to draft their new feature screenplays for film or TV projects.

Over the course of those six months, the Black List and Google Assistant will also pair each fellowship recipient with a screenwriting mentor.

These mentors will help you suss out your ideas and get you on the path to success in the industry. 

Submissions will be accepted via until January 15, 2021. At that time, the Black List will choose 15 finalists, whose work will be shared with Google, who will then decide the fellowship recipients in February 2021.

This is an incredibly beneficial opportunity for anyone looking to break in and be recognized. 

Check out the fellowship's FAQ for any questions you might have. 

Now go submit your work! 

Source: The Black List