Axl is a new universal EVF mount from Bright Tangerine that keeps your EVF safe and secure while eliminating the need to tighten down multiple screws and knobs, thanks to its 3-axis tightening system that allows you to position the EVF using a single knurled thumbscrew. 

The Axl is built around two 15mm rods and a sliding EVF mount. In what Bright Tangerine calls the multi-axis lock, the single knurled handle can tighten the EVF in three different axes at once. This makes adjusting your EVF or monitor quick and painless when you're out in the field.

Bright_tangerine_axl2Credit: Bright Tangerine

To adjust the tilt of the EVF or monitor, there's a single orange thumbscrew on top to fine-tune the position. Better yet, the support arm has a "drop-free, fluid movement," allowing it to remain under tension even when totally loosened, protecting the EVF from any sudden movement. It also improves the rotation action.  

Bright_tangerine_axl3Credit: Bright Tangerine

The Axl mount also has laser-etched measurements to keep track of personal preferences. Plus, the Axl and EVF can be removed from the carriage without touching any parts of the camera. So if you need to change out the EVF, you can simply slide the Axl out of the 15mm rods and replace it that way. 

Bright_tangerine_axl1ARRI mountCredit: Bright Tangerine

Being a universal mount, there are multiple Axl kits including ARRI, ARRI Rosette, Canon EVF-V70, Canon LM-V2, Sony DVF-EL200, and Zacuto. Bright Tangerine says new adapters will continue to be made as new EVF models come to the market.

Kits start at $567 and up. Single EVF adapters go for $157 and up depending on the model.