Canon has released a new CINE-SERVO lens, the 25-250mm T2.95-3.95. The new cinema lens is designed for 4K cameras and is available in EF and PL mounts. 

It features a 10X optical zoom, a built in 1.5x extender, and a removable servo motor drive unit, making the lens ideal for ENG/EFP and documentary shooters. The lens weighs 6.7 lbs and adds to the growing line of Canon cinema lenses, that include the Sumire Primes, Canon Primes, zooms, compact zooms, and COMPACT-SERVO lenses.  


  • 17-120mm T2.95-3.9 - PL/EF
  • 25-250mm T2.95-3.95 - PL/EF mount
  • 50-1000mm T5.0-8.9 - PL/EF mount


  • 70-200mm T4.4 EF mount
  • 18-80mm T4.4 EF mount


Designed to match the existing CINE-SERVO optics, the 4K lens incorporates an ultra-low dispersion glass and a large diameter aspherical lens to limit chromatic abberation and correct color fringing. The lens touts Canon's warmer color science and has a 11-blade aperture design.

Ideal for Super 35mm sesnors, the 10x zoom covers 25-250mm, and the built-in extenders stretches that to 375mm while still covering full-frame with only a single stop of light loss. 

Since the servo drive can be removed, the lens can be operated manually and is compatible with standard cinema controls for zoom an dfocus. The EF mount version comes equipped with Dual Pixesl CMOS AF, while the PL version supports Cooke/i Technology. Additionally, the lens features a macro function for close-up framing. 

Pricing & Availability

The Canon CINE-SERVO 25-250mm T2.95-3.95 is scheduled to be released in 2020 for an estimated retail price of $29,999 USD.