If you're in need of a full-frame crash camera or just a camera that can essentially see in the dark, Canon has announced the ML-100 and ML-105, two box-style cameras that have an equivalent ISO sensitivity of 4,500,000. 

The ML-100 and ML-105 join Canon's multi-purpose camera line that includes the Super 35 ME-200S-SH and the full-frame ME-20F-SH. You can think of the ML series as a stripped-down version of the ME cameras, where they lack certain menu options and feature an HDMI port and a dedicated audio input, but they don't skimp out on image quality.

What's unique about the ME cameras is that they can be easily integrated into a multi-camera studio setup or used with an external recorder on a shoot. With these new ML versions, you could do the same, but they're not as feature intense. 


Like the ME versions, the ML cameras do not record internally, and instead of ISO, the camera measures in decibels (dB) at a maximum of 75 dB. Both versions are equipped with a 19um 35mm full-frame CMOS sensor, but the difference between them is that the ML-105 is more suited for standard video environments, whereas the ML-100 is geared toward industrial use.

The ML-105 features a Canon DIGIC DV4 image processor capable of producing an external 4:2:2 10-bit image. It also has 3G/HD-SDI and Genlock connections, while the ML-100 has a CoaXpress terminal that produces 12-bit RAW data up to 73 fps. The CoaXpress connection allows you to transmit and control the camera via a single coaxial cable.

Additionally, Canon says the ML-100 features a maximum video output of approximately 2.74 million pixels while supporting Region of Interest, which can improve frame rate output up to 164 fps at 720p resolution. 

Both cameras are available in EF or M58 mount. Expect the ML-100 M58 mount to be available in December 2020, while the other models won't arrive until April 2021.