If you've been keeping track of the rumors about the new Canon EOS R3, you'll probably also be stoked to hear about this new zoom lens that Canon has just introduced, which appears to be the ultimate companion lens.

In my lens bag, the most reached-for lens by far is my wide-angle zoom lenses. I love to shoot wide, I love to get that Chivo look any time I can, and when it comes to wide-angle zoom lenses that can get you both dramatically beautiful stills and video, Canon has always had a reputation for legendary quality (especially in the L-series).

Canon Introduces RF 14-35 Full Frame LensCredit: Canon

As auto-focus capabilities continue to gain momentum (along with full-frame and optical stabilization), Canon's new RF 14-35mm F4 L IS USM lens appears to be the ultimate wide-angle lens for their most recent camera releases. This lens is intended to be used with the EOS R full-frame mirrorless cameras, including the new EOS R3.

The lens is light at a modest 1.2lbs (making it very gimbal friendly) and delivers up to 5.5 stops of optical image stabilization built in, and when paired with the IS included with their cameras, can deliver up to 7 stops of shake correction. This will yield very sharp images in low-light environments (since lower shutter speeds can still be used).

Some Key Features of the Lens Include:

  • Compact and balanced design (1.2lbs in weight)
  • Minimum focus distance of 7.9 Inches
  • Optical Image Stabilization with 5.5 stops of shake correction
  • High-speed AF
  • Dust and weather resistance (as with other L-Series lenses)

The lens will retail for an estimated $1,699 and is scheduled to be available in August 2021.