The first teaser trailer for the upcoming remake of Child's Play has dropped this morning and, while it feels somewhat familiar (yes, a sweet-appearing killer doll is back on the loose ready to wreak havoc and ramp up the body count), it looks like it's on the right track to being something different.

Rumors have circulated that Chucky, named for Charles Lee Ray, the serial killer in the original franchise (played by series favorite Brad Dourif), is not in this latest reboot. That's right, this new film is featuring a new killer doll with a distinctly older protagonist to battle at the helm. Aubrey Plaza plays mom to the boy who receives this "Good Guy" doll as a present and, if this trailer is any indication, things don't work out too well for her over the long run. 

After directing the horror film Polaroid, director Lars Klevberg's second feature shows that he's ready, we expect, to play with the big boys. Although the franchise has spawned seven previous films, it's been 31 years since the original Child's Play was released in theaters, and here's hoping this reboot finds its own voice rather than mirroring the vocal cords of its predecessors.

Child's Play will be released in theaters on June 21st, 2019, the same day as another toy-themed franchise's latest entry: Toy Story 4

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