In one of the original instances of “robots taking our jobs,” which we strangely don’t hear too much about these days, robo-controlled camera arms have been making video production jobs easier for several decades now. In many instances, they’re continuing to be innovated to become cheaper, smarter, and more dynamic.

Recently, the company Mark Roberts Motion Control introduced a new, smaller, and more versatile robot arm called the Cinebot Mini, which has unlocked the world of robo-controlled motion camera control to a new generation of smaller productions and DIY filmmakers.

Now, to up the game even further, Mark Roberts has unveiled even more add-ons and features to couple with their Cinebot Mini to unlock even more directional movement controls with track features, a pedestal, and even extra battery power.

The Cinebot Mini Robot Camera

Designed as a compact, lightweight, and live-action camera robot capable of unlocking full manual control over any and all camera positions, the Cinebot Mini is a great “mini” version of the higher-end (and much larger) camera robots you might find on the biggest commercials and feature film sets.

What’s cool about Cinebot Mini itself too is that—as a smart robo-camera—you can shoot with it handheld and then use it to recreate an instant replay of your shot thanks to its tracking data. You can also use keyframes to pre-map out any shots you might want to achieve on a smoother path.

However, as great as the Cinebot Mini Robo appears to be, it is a locked position setup when you’re just operating with it on the ground in your studio. That’s where these new track features coming in should be another major game changer though to unlock even greater directional controls.

Additional Motion Control Movement

The Cinebot Mini is now available on track or pedestal with these additional camera robot movement controls designed to allow operators to integrate motion control with the familiarity and type of control that you’d used every day on sets, while still utilizing all of your regular grip equipment.

From standard dolly moves to more complex multi-directional movements, there really shouldn’t be any type of shot you won’t be able to achieve with these extra dimensions added to this robo-arm setup. This setup should also be hugely helpful for those looking to take the guesswork out of their camera moves as the Cinebot Mini’s precise controls should actually save time and work on sets—especially with these extra controls and added battery pack features for longer-lasting camera arm performance.

Cinebot Mini

A look at the direction movement controls unlocked by the Cinebot Mini Robot Camera

Credit: Mark Roberts Motion Controls

Price and Availability

Unfortunately for those looking to get a ballpark figure of what the Cinebot Mini might cost to rent or buy for their studio setups, Mark Roberts Motion Control doesn’t have a price listed on their site for the Cinebot Mini or its different setups.

However, if you are interested, you can register your interest for this Cinebot Mini using this form on their site.