Back in 2018, Fandor laid off all its employees and announced they were looking for a buyer to acquire all their films (a catalogue of 4,600 films!). Well—enter Cinedigm, looking to get into the streaming business and to purchase a platform. 

We do not know the exact terms of Cinedigm’s acquisition of Fandor, but Cinedigm said it believes the relaunched Fandor service could top 1 million subscribers "within the next 24-30 months" with a focus on rapid global expansion and distribution. Cinedigm will add to Fandor’s offerings with some of the 7,000-plus film titles in their library. They will also relaunch Keyframe, Fandor’s online publication dedicated to the art of cinema.

The focus here will be continuing to lead the way in streaming independent film. 

The Fandor acquisition “solidifies Cinedigm’s position as the leading global streaming company for independent films,” Chris McGurk, Cinedigm’s chairman and CEO, said in a statement. He said Fandor “will immediately benefit from our streaming distribution muscle, huge library of independent films, Matchpoint technology, cost savings and infrastructure and synergies with our wide portfolio of enthusiast streaming channels.”

Welcome back, Fandor. 

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Source: Variety