Preston is one of the most venerable names in remote follow focus, with digital lens control devices dating back to the 1980s.  As the market has gotten flooded with competitors, they still maintain a position in the top of the pack by staying at the cutting edge of features that make life easier for focus pullers. 

As sensor sizes get bigger, depth of field gets smaller, and focus tools need to get more sophisticated to keep up.

The new Hand Unit 4 (HU4) has the quintessential Preston tropes: the bright red dial, the incredibly reliable focus rings, and tough-as-nails build quality. This iteration brings a new level of usability with a 4.63" touch screen.

The screen allows the user to choose what information needs to be on-screen, allowing him or her to focus on just what needs to be focused on or have a full display of information. It also features a pinch-to-zoom focus scale for more precise focus pulls.

Key Features

  • Non-linear lens re-mapping to a linear focus scale
  • Up to 1,000 lens profiles stored at one time (I want to go on a shoot that has more. That'd be amazing)
  • Lens profile share-ability via an iPhone app to send lens data to other people
  • Digital focus limits
  • 500m line-of-sight range
  • Backward compatible with all Preston focus rings and gears

The unit will sell for $9500 and comes with two batteries as well as a charger. 

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