The L-mount alliance between Leica, Panasonic, and Sigma is a good thing for filmmakers. If only there was a universal mount for all lenses and cameras, that would be amazing. A dreamer can dream, right? In the meantime, there are plenty of available adapters to convert different lens mounts to a desired camera.

Fotodiox has jumped into the EF to L-mount ring with its Pro Fusion Smart AF Adapter. It can adapt Canon EF and EF-S lenses to L-mount while providing the full use of automated functions, including autofocus, aperture control, and image stabilization on most lenses. 


According to Fotodiox, the adapter allows for electronic communication and control between the lens and camera. The adapter also enables EXIF and aperture data to be transmitted to and controlled by the camera. Unfortunately, not every lens can be tested, so some glass may exhibit different operating characteristics. Fotodiox suggests testing each lens before shooting. However, the adapter does have a micro USB input that allows for firmware updates as more lenses become compatible. 

There is also a function button (FN) that turns off the electronic communication so the adapter can be used with manual lenses. It's designed with an all-metal construction and chrome-plated brass mounts. The company also says the adapter has a precise fit, with "no play, gap or wiggling" when mounted to a lens. 

No electronic adapter is built perfectly. It's going to have issues, especially with the number of available lenses. Even the Sigma MC-21 adapter has issues when adapting EF lenses to L-mount. Fotodiox understands this and is upfront about some of the issues they found internally.

Some known issues: 

  • Sigma or Tamron lenses have more issues with autofocus
  • Longer focal length lenses tend to have more issues with autofocus
  • Continuous AF and video AF are not supported as performance may be unsatisfactory
  • Switching between image and video can cause camera to freeze
  • Switching f-stops in video mode can cause white flashes in video
  • Certain video modes can cause the camera to freeze


Testing each lens prior to any shoot will be critical, so you'll know any limitations. It will be interesting to see how this adapter stacks up against the Sigma MC-21 or the more expensive Novaflex. What's nice about the Fotodiox adapter is that it comes with a limited 24-month warranty. 

Price & Availability 

The Fotodiox Pro Fusion Adapter is available now for $199. For comparison, the Sigma MC-21 sells for $249, and the Novaflex retails for $691.