In order to tame the impact of the coronavirus, AMC and other theater chains will only allow theaters to be 50% full and ask guests to sit every other seat. 

Filmmakers have already felt the impact of the rapidly spreading COVID-19, and they will feel it more in the coming weeks. Now that the LAUSD Board has approved a state of emergency, it is possible and even likely that many schools will close, which will have a trickle-down effect. 

Meetings are being canceled, people are being asked to work remotely, and productions are being halted

SXSW canceled, Cannes hasn't yet canceled, but it is looking more and more likely, as time goes on. We are keeping our eye on updates for NAB, so please continue to track who is pulling out of the conference here

We are following up with pieces on how you can best approach a remote work scenario, and we will continue to update on pilots heading into production next week as we know more. 

For now, there are many best practices you can institute

Please share with us and the community any tips, information, or insights you may have into how this is altering the daily lives of filmmakers everywhere so we can all help each other out.