I'm a huge fan of Bond movies. Over the years, they've had many actors take up the role. And as they plan for a world after Daniel Craig, we know there will be many more. The role of James Bond is both the same and different for every person who carries the character's name. They bring their own physicality, charm, and commitment to the role. Craig has done a wonderful job humanizing Bond. While we were given a gritty reboot of the character, his movies have come with some of the most fun set pieces and character moments as well. 

After five films in which he starred as Ian Fleming's secret agent James Bond, Craig is now saying goodbye to the character with the release of No Time to Die.

Check out this video from CBS Sunday Morning where Turner Classic Movies host Ben Mankiewicz talks with Craig about playing the iconic role.

From doing indie movies to Munich with Spielberg, Craig has been all over Hollywood. I had no idea that when he was initially offered Bond, he actually turned down the role. But after some prodding from friends and family, he accepted. But he also brought his own visage to this Bond. He wanted to be harder and grittier. He also knew that the devotion to this role would be difficult, often taking the work home and staying in tunnel vision while he figured it out. 

It was so interesting to see how Craig's career was built before Bond, doing diverse roles and acting across from legends. As producers look for the next Bond, I think there's a lot they can take from Craig's past and experience that they should look for in the next person. That capability to be both cold and sensitive is a hard one to find. Even many Bonds don't have it, but Craig does. 

Who would you like to see step into the role next? Let us know in the comments. 

Source: CBS Sunday Morning