The mind of David Cronenberg goes places no one else does. He's brought us movies like Crash, A History of Violence, and The Fly. Now, his new film, Crimes of the Future, marks his first theatrical release in eight years. The movie will premiere at the Cannes Film Festival. And people are already buzzing about its dark content and body horror. 

Check out the trailer below. 

There's nothing like a weird visual journey through where the human race may go. Neon, the distributor, provided this official synopsis:

"As the human species adapts to a synthetic environment, the body undergoes new transformations and mutations. With his partner Caprice (Léa Seydoux), Saul Tenser (Viggo Mortensen), celebrity performance artist, publicly showcases the metamorphosis of his organs in avant-garde performances. Timlin (Kristen Stewart), an investigator from the National Organ Registry, obsessively tracks their movements, which is when a mysterious group is revealed… Their mission—to use Saul’s notoriety to shed light on the next phase of human evolution."

That was an intense and grotesque trailer. Looking forward to seeing which dark corners get explored in the feature. 

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