Imagine a world in which The Beatles never existed. Now imagine you're the only person who is aware of their existence and have decided to take credit for all of their hit songs?

Confused? It all surprisingly makes sense in the first trailer for Academy Award winner Danny Boyle's next film, Yesterday, about a young man who, via a freak accident, becomes the only person in the world who has ever heard of The Beatles and their discography. Funny and musically-inclined, the trailer looks to represent a moving tale about the price of fame and the power of iconic songs worldwide.

Complete with a screenplay by Richard Curtis (of Love Actually fame) and cinematography by Christopher Ross (of the upcoming Cats remake), the film looks to be a solid example of how to incorporate music into your film (not to mention the pricey power of copyright) and the highs and dramatic lows of the music industry. If anyone can pull off this jazzy, fast-paced energy, it's definitely Boyle, whose recent filmography has been nothing if not high octane.

Yesterday will be released on June 28th, 2019

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