Shawn Levy is one of the best filmmakers working. He challenges himself with an array of movies, rising to prominence from the Night at the Museum franchise and now tackling the third movie in the Deadpool series.

But with this venture into the superhero genre, he wanted to focus on the realism he could pull from this story.

That meant shooting out in the real world and not solely on green screens, no matter the cost.

Levy sat down with Total Film magazine and told them, "It bums me out that photos have leaked online. But this is the price we pay for committing to real locations."

He went on to explain, "Deadpool and Wolverine are iconic Marvel characters; more specifically, iconic Marvel-of-the-Fox era characters. We're not going to pretend: 'Oh, we snap our fingers, and suddenly that Fox legacy doesn't exist, and it shaped a lot of what we now know as the MCU."

These characters both rose at a time when more practical effects were used in filmmaking, and while most of the industry has moved onto stages, that legacy matters to Levy.

He elaborated, "Fox also shaped Ryan's career, Hugh's career and my career. So there's a lot of history there, and there's a lot of Marvel history at Fox. And certainly that's a part of our storytelling."

Levy put his put down with production, saying, "I made a decision very early in prep that even though 'Deadpool' is now in the MCU, I didn't want another Marvel movie shot on a green screen stage with digital set extensions."

This makes me very excited to see where this movie will go and makes me hope other filmmakers take note.

The third Deadpool movie is on hiatus during the summer strikes and will return to filming when they end.

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