I like Marvel. I like Disney. But it seems like they're in a constant battle trying to figure out who they are, and who their audience can be.

Marvel makes blockbuster shows and movies for Disney. These push the PG-13 envelope. They're usually bloodless but have larger-scale action, including some violence.  Still, these are made for families to be able to watch together, and for kids to idolize. There's a fine line to walk here. 

Well, Disney seems to be pulling that line back toward family-friendly. After adding its former Netflix shows to their Marvel wing with Parental Advisories, now editors are actually going back and retroactively tweaking their shows to lessen the violence. 

An observant Reddit user named u/MooninMoulin noticed that Disney has censored The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Editors modified a death to show a body whose eyes were closed, instead of open, as they were in the original.

In another scene, a character is impaled in the shoulder by a pipe. Now the pipe bounces off the shoulder and vanishes.

These are super small instances, so it's a wonder who complained and why—but it also feels gross to see Disney retrofitting shows with tweaks that not only don't add to the viewing but soften a show that actually did a great job playing into the moral gray area of being a hero. 

These edits have been captured by YouTuber Thomas Nut as well. 

Disney has done this before, taking the butt out of Splash, but this is the first we've noticed them do it with battle scenes on shows they approved in the first place. It would be interesting to know what else they have tweaked behind the scenes. This is something people caught, not something Disney told us about. 

Again, these are small things, but when companies do little things, they prepare themselves to do big things. Since we lack physical media and everything is digital, it's a little worrying to see original creations fall by the wayside, opening projects to countless tweaks to make certain people feel better. Art used to stand on its own and ask parents to choose what was too much to show a kid.

Allowing art to retrofit itself changes it to "content."

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